I have seen people and intellectuals (not people) propagate the value of taking notes while reading a book — Some initial skeptics have also jumped on that bus and skeptically agreed — although downgrading the intensity a bit.

For me, so far it has demonstrated a similarity to taking notes…

Photo by Emily Wade on Unsplash

We do not mean the end of the entire world, just yours or mine — and not exactly the end, but downgraded to a point where the surface skills we have acquired quickly become useless or considerably obsolete.

For different people this could mean different things, like end of the…

Remember the picture and we will come back to it

The world of cryptocurrencies has taken the world by storm — Whether you understand it or do not, it is equally enchanting — a financial world free from any bias or barriers.

But as one of my friends keeps reminding me,

everything bad comes from something that was intended to…

Habeeb Mustafa

Cant talk much so I write

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