A new and safer way to invest in Bitcoin — 2021 and beyond

Photo by Kyle Cleveland on Unsplash
Photo by Pedro Dias on Unsplash

For one, it does not have any intrinsic value but just the same value as that of a religion — the more people you have believing into the invisible, the stronger you get. The same is true when a whole bunch lose their faith in times of despair.

Now obviously there is no way to know what the 6 billion or so population of the planet would think about investing in bitcoin — Also unverified but the understanding is that 95% of bitcoin is owned by very few parties who can play the market up or down at their pleasure. So far, it has also eluded everyone to put a face to bitcoin which is understandable because the digital currency was designed specifically to discourage exactly that.

So, if you want to invest in bitcoin, it is the same as investing in MSTR with only a fraction of the risk.

The second strange and the first of its kind thing is that bitcoin gets traded 24 hours around the globe while MSTR is listed on NASDAQ and follows the usual stock trading hours of the US stock market.

— If Bitcoin is up, so is MSTR.

In conclusion, our investment is relatively safer and kind of predictable — I would say that is investor heaven and it is time to dive in. MSTR on its worst day would drop a quarter of its value but on good days can double upwards.



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