A new and safer way to invest in Bitcoin — 2021 and beyond

Oil being the black gold

Unfortunately, Heroin being the white gold.

Photo by Kyle Cleveland on Unsplash

Hence, it becomes of use and therefore of value.

Photo by Pedro Dias on Unsplash

For one, it does not have any intrinsic value but just the same value as that of a religion — the more people you have believing into the invisible, the stronger you get. The same is true when a whole bunch lose their faith in times of despair.

This all changed in the month of November 2020.

At this point we can refer back to the first line of the article about digital gold and read more on that here.

So, if you want to invest in bitcoin, it is the same as investing in MSTR with only a fraction of the risk.

— If Bitcoin is up, so is MSTR.



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