Apocalypse ready

We do not mean the end of the entire world, just yours or mine — and not exactly the end, but downgraded to a point where the surface skills we have acquired quickly become useless or considerably obsolete.

For different people this could mean different things, like end of the (traditional) stock exchange for financial players, inaccessibility to a gym for athletes, stuck in an off the grid continent for binge Netflix watchers and so on.

While most groups of people have been using resources and facilities without giving two rocks about their absence, there is one particular tribe which not only has experienced this innumerable times over the last few decades but also learned how to deal with the constant onslaught.

The said tribe is known as software programmers — the rule of simplification and abstraction comes with the exposure to harsh realities of the ever changing world of programming and its prickly details.

Since the dawn of the first programming language and its mushrooming competitors, the programmers were always expected to make a choice if they wanted to go with one or the other as there seldom was any turning back further down the career path. However, creative as these people are, they figured out that since they are not limited in thinking out crazy solutions, why should they be limited in making hard choices. They for one know that the market is always going to be full of new or the latest syntax and compilers but one thing that will never change nor will anyone ever will be able to take away.

The algorithm and the process to put all the pieces together. That is something as universal as the laws of physics.

The bottom line is that one needs to have a marketable skill in all scenarios

And the key to that is simplification in every day life — stock up on elementals and the building blocks of everything and condition your mind and body to be ready to execute on those.


Learn the NATO phonetic alphabets (alpha, papa, oscar, charlie, alpha, lima, yankee, sierra, echo), morse code and riding a donkey.

Mind and body

Gyms are an overkill — Be rocky, be free.


Read books — but be careful to strictly read stories and novels — reading self-improvement stuff is highly discouraged. Remember we are trying to entertain ourselves and live in a different reality, not to read 500 pages of someone explaining our reality.


Force yourself to like vegetables — they are quick to grow, easier to preserve and require even less resources to cook.

Friends and family

You know this guy right — Nothing more to add.

Earn a living

This comes last because it is quite foundational. Problem solving and fire fighting — These two skills never retire. Be able to think short term and long term — Connect the dots within microseconds to put down the fire and then build a process and system to make sure fires are avoided. Every single job requires these two aspects.

All things said and done, keep your sense of humor and learn how to crack a joke — trust me, it is the most valuable skill — i know because i am really bad at it.



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