Email — your friendly neighbourhood Analytics reporting platform (Part 2)

The beauty that haunts your desktop or phone throughout the business hours and after

The legitimacy and legality of an email is however revived every single time confirming that you have ‘received’, ‘seen’ and ‘stored’ the message. There have been moves to shift this over to places like Slack and teams, however the general feeling is that those platforms are too informal and would not stand in the ‘figurative’ court of law.

Therefore, in the email world, claiming not having seen/received an email to a fellow colleague or the management or the town municipality is akin to denying sunrise — You could for analogy purposes do it (say you did not see the sun for this many days) if you are up in Arvidsjaur, Sweden however they would still tell you to check if it might have been behind a mountain or a tree blocking the view or just move south to find it. The point being, finding the sun once it has risen or an email once it has been sent to your correct email address is your problem — not the senders.

For all these reasons and maybe more, your outlook or mail client is ignored when it comes to the sexy stuff these days — but not today!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash



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