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  • Regina Janzen

    Regina Janzen

    Dancer | Choreographer | Writer | Teacher || I’m passionate about art and a profound thinker. I write about conscious creation of life and art.

  • Markus Rene Pae

    Markus Rene Pae

    Technician @University of Tartu | coding, investing, mathematics, data science enthusiast | Medium writer since December 2019 | lifelong learner

  • Mahrukh Mohsin

    Mahrukh Mohsin

    Mahrukh is an aspiring writer, a serial quitter, and a staunch believer in the Myers Briggs test. Mahrukh also hates writing about Mahrukh in the third person.

  • Vittorio Gregorio

    Vittorio Gregorio

    Entrepreneur, a dreamer, and convinced we can do so many good things for our future, for the humankind, for our planet

  • Laura Cincera

    Laura Cincera

    Cultivating flourishing futures. Tech for social change @Google / Mindful leadership @searchinsideyou. I share experiments/practices here → bit.ly/intrigued_

  • Harris Sockel

    Harris Sockel

    i work @medium

  • Amy Shearn

    Amy Shearn

    Creator Success @ Medium // Editor of Human Parts & Creators Hub // Novelist // Person

  • Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway

    Prof Marketing @NYUStern · Founder @L2_digital @redenvelope @prophetBrand · Contributor @bloombergtv · Cohost Pivot podcast · Weekly musings profgalloway.com

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