My favorite appliance: My dishwasher

Photo by Deedee Geli on Unsplash

Back in school we were always asked to write about our favorite everything: Person, hobby, place, food or awkwardly, the teacher.

Given we were already in the late 80s and into the 90s, it might have been relevant to ask about our favorite appliances as well. Granted, average homes did not have coffee machines or ice cube dispensing refrigerators or wi-fi enabled ovens, yet we still had a regular oven or a push button toilet tank — All marvels of science and which were not there just a few decades ago.

As time went on and home finances got better, we were introduced to the microwave, the laundry machine and the hot and cold water dispenser.

These were nifty appliances which made life easier from warming up milk in seconds in the middle of the night to washing clothes in an hour and get them out almost dry. While people still love using old school moka pots, the coffee machine in the morning has been a life saver.

But apart from driving cars being one of the most resource intensive and useless activities, have you ever washed dishes in your kitchen? If you have and derived some sort of self satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, then in that (hopefully rare) case, please keep reading as I would like to ruin your day.

You see dishwashing is not like laundry washing or ironing or grass cutting. It is like giving bath to tens of babies of different shapes and sizes with soap on them and making sure they do not accidentally slip — on to one another. Furthermore, the same delicate process has to be repeated at least three times: soap, wash, dry and all three times find an empty place to make them sit tight until the next round. As they say, the devil is in the details.

So, until things continued to be more medieval for me, the towel under the kitchen sink was my best friend. I would fall into the depths of hell and want to scream on top of a mountain if I could not find it after a hard evening’s work.

It was like a warm blanket

Then, one day against my better judgement, we got ourselves a dishwasher. It was that Iron man’s snap-the-finger-moment that something came into life which perhaps was always making its absence felt all across but never quite definitive.

Soon enough, the ordeal of dish washing became a favored ritual which became a faithful fervour which morphed into a spirit liberating endeavor — over and over again.

It has been roughly 7 years now and the magic of putting in dirty dishes and taking out warm, citrus smelling sparkling jewels never ends.

The professionalism that it carries with is on a whole other level — Putting more dishes and putting them right has become a career advancement criteria. The more you optimize, the more you get motivated to go further, deeper, longer and higher in getting closer to the oblivion but just not falling in there.

Photo by Алексей Мойса on Unsplash

You feel a deep connection when you see it and it is like a loyal pet dog which will purr when you gently caress it, but will tear down those greasy oily dishes right down the middle and not even blink.

Yes, thats my dishwasher and if one day you are Alexa enabled and she takes over the world, I’ll want you to know.




Cant talk much so I write

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Habeeb Mustafa

Habeeb Mustafa

Cant talk much so I write

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