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I have seen people and intellectuals (not people) propagate the value of taking notes while reading a book — Some initial skeptics have also jumped on that bus and skeptically agreed — although downgrading the intensity a bit.

For me, so far it has demonstrated a similarity to taking notes while eating or watching movies — Who does that? Someone who wants to conduct an academic activity afterwards — The same works for books as well as long as you are becoming a doctor — medical or otherwise.

I’ll write about three books that did not require taking notes to be remembered or bragged about in a social setting. Basically stories and not something that would even be possible to narrate without destroying the essence — The only way would be to read them in whole.

The second coming (John Niven)

We all know the story — we also know that it will repeat itself (perhaps multiple times) and the outcome would be equally tragic every time.

God is all out of options to send help to the 21st century human being. The good guys all had one chance each to come over the centuries and leave them with clear (not so clear) instructions to follow but they did not. The only way out is to send back the one guy who is expected back any way and is the only one who will lovingly embrace the pain twice to get things right — before they go wrong again. All of this fast paced drama is like the Caffè corretto that makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

I have gifted about 15 copies to friends and family hoping we would not need a second coming.

One soul (Ray Fawkes)

This graphic novel will take about 30 minutes to understand how to be able to read it. Once you figure it out, it will be half over and you will start from the beginning to actually enjoy it. It rockets you up just like life and then brings you down — just like life itself.

I am almost afraid to recommend this book — It shakes you up quite hard.

The handmaid’s tale (Margaret Atwood)

The TV series was too slow so I preferred the book. The book was too long so I preferred the graphic novel.

In the future, we return to the past — It has taken us hundreds of years to come up with laws and frameworks to safeguard the rights of everyone and still they come up short. But the system is set to crumble when disaster strikes — its true and its real — I had a very similar feeling when i saw the movie, The Mist (2007).

Enjoy the reads and do not take notes, especially not with an apple pencil.




Cant talk much so I write

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Habeeb Mustafa

Habeeb Mustafa

Cant talk much so I write

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