Most people are not really free.

They are limited by ethics and morality imprinted on them by their parents and the society in general. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it teaches them how to handle different situations and problems in life. But it can be taken to extreme limits, such that it severely begins to cripple our creativity.

Many people do not deviate from that pattern, but some go beyond that and make their own conclusions of what life is all about. Imagine if everything you have learned is wrong. Where would you start to get straight again?

We cannot make any progress if we are slaves to the system.

If you choose to live free and take the consequences of that, it is going to be hard.

It is not easy to try and choose your own destiny, but if you do not have your freedom, you do not really have anything at all.

After writing those lines at the start of every ‘essay’ at school whether it was on environment, history or cats, I even even used it as an editorial for our college newsletter.

While the lines served me well in filling up empty space on a test paper and giving that numbing feeling to the reader (in this case teacher/professor), they also immensely resonated with me — since the first time i copied them off of a newspaper article.

My shamelessness (of copy pasting) was only surpassed by making these lines as viral as possible and as much possible as one could back in the 90s. I had decided that these would guide everything I would ever do in life and just like forcefully making someone listen to your favorite song, I tried every medium (no pun intended — oh how much i have wanted to use those three words) available to let everyone read it, hear it, feel it.

Until I did the college newsletter.

The dean called me and the others to his office — To our surprise it was not to congratulate us but to share the complaints received from the faculty who thought this article was against the norms of the campus and a prelude to rebellion.

Having no clue what all of that meant, I found refuge in that fact that it was too late now anyway since the meagre amount of copies we managed to print had already been distributed.

After all these years, the words are as alive as ever. I am not sure who wrote them but i bet they never imagined how they would live through so many scandals and change lives.

Sharing them now to inspire someone somewhere or better — start a rebellion.



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